Sunday, January 18, 2009

Rest at Long Last

If the last week has taught me anything, I've learnt to celebrate small achievements. The last two nights we've been in rehab the staff have allowed me to stay here with Luke, and for the first time since his crash he has slept through the night without being sick or needing more pain relief.

From the first day at A&E I knew he was going to make a full receovery.  The first words he spoke to me, when he was restrained to the table with a neck brace and oxygen mask, covered in wires and tubes and monitors and head covered in blood was 'Love you...Can you get in here now please!'  He was barely conscious but already making jokes, or maybe he was serious but either way I knew his personality was strong enough to pull him through the other side.

That week in intensive care was the longest week of my life.  I don't think any of us (his Mum, Dad and Sister) got a wink of sleep.  The days felt like an eternity as we watched him like a hawk waiting for the slightest flicker of change or do what we could to talk to him when he was in pain.  Watching his eyes roll around in his head was both a comfort and agony for us to watch; thank god he can open his eyes... will he be like this forever?  

None of us said it but it was these harrowing 'what if's' that tormented us all as we tried to be strong for one another and will Luke to get better as if we could force him to mend by sheer force of love.  Since then its been slow and steady progress, sitting, standing, walking with a walker, walking with two assistants; you can't possibly imagine how ludicrously happy it makes me to watch him brush his teeth!

So at long last Luke is sleeping properly and so am I.

Talk soon,

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  1. Hi Katy,

    It's Tom Wheeler from the UK. Say hi to Luke from me and all the guys from Eastbourne; Ben Whitmore, Sean Collins, Dave Butters and Ben Robinson, we used to ride with him back in the day when he lived in Brighton.

    We are all hoping for a swift recovery.

    Best Wishes.