Friday, January 23, 2009

Home For The Long Weekend!!!

Mr. Impatient woke me up at before 7am this morning; making sure I couldn't sleep if he can't and that I wasn't go to be late to the 1pm meeting today.

The meeting went really well and they are releasing him home for the long weekend!!!! So I finally have a happy chappy but now tomorrow can't come soon enough for him and I think we are all going a little crazy after hearing "I just wanna go home now!" only about a million times.

I would write more but I am busy busy tidying up and getting everything ready to pick the lad up first thing in the morning, who will probably start walking home if I'm not on time!

Talk soon,


  1. Hi luke, kate, and crew! i have tried about 3 times to get this message to luke but my computer skills are not too hot as luke will know! Just a message to say that all his buddies in brighton are thinking of him, we know he will pull through stronger than ever, sounds like he has got a strong dedicated team behind him giving plenty of support! We all wish him strength and power to get through the rehab and look forward to seeing him back to his usual self soon. If there is anything we can do from brighton my email is Take care, jimmy, lloyd, warren, suv, jamie and all the other lads he knows from BRIGHTON

  2. Hi its Andy's friend Ram here. Wishing Luke a speedy recovery, and I would love to see one of his dashing races.

  3. hello luke, kate. it's mark addison from brighton. hope your recovery is going well dude really sorry to hear about your crash. wishing a speedy recovery from myself warren and everyone else over here. lots of people asking how your getting on. all the best pal get well soon..