Friday, January 16, 2009

Day One at the New Pad

So we finally left intensive care yesterday to move to a residential rehabilition centre. Yeya!!! This place is set up like a house and Luke is loving the fact I can make him real meals here (instead of sneaking him reheated dinners I made at home!) and that he has a bell to ring if he needs anything at all!

We must have met about ten different people who form a team to work with Luke to get him home again. There are physio's, occupational therapists and dieticians and every kind of specialist you could possibly imagine to help him get better fast. They are all really wonderful people and I know they the best people for the job.

There are all kinds of people here being treated for brain injury and it really makes you appreciate exactly how lucky we are to have Luke alive at all. No matter how bad things seem; there is always someone else in a worse situation and when one door closes another opens. Luke is down but is in no way out for the count! He has been blessed with a second chance at life and he is really giving it his all.

Please feel free to leave a message here for me to pass on to Luke as I update him every day with all the people who are wishing him well.

Talk soon,


  1. Hi Katy,

    I have sent an email to Lukes email but unsure if you are clearing it.

    I just caught up with Troy (From Motoworld) at the Tokoroa Supercross today and he told me about Luke so I have been up dating with your blogs.

    Tell Luke he will get better cause us kiwis are hard as fuck.

    When he is back and ready, I hope he is riding at the next pitbike arenacross!

    All the best and keep us updated.

    Dwayne "Damage" Morgan

  2. Hi Katy, Thanks for updating on Lukes Condition, I was there with him and my mates when it happened and have been wondering how he was doing. One of the boys told me where he was now and I know from a previous experience with my partner having a head injury and being sent there that it is a great rehab!! They have the best staff, but you will get sick of that bell after awhile!! haha. Well tell Luke to get better and me & All the boys are hoping to see him back again soon he's just not allowed to scare us again like that!! Cheers for the Update! Carina

  3. Hi Dawyne,

    No I'm not clearing his emails as he can do that himself when he gets out of rehab; should keep him busy for a few weeks at least!! I will tell Luke all the boys say hurry up and get well soon :-)


    Thanks so much for letting us know that! The people here are just amazing and it nice to hear from someone who has gone through something similar. Thanks to all of you for taking such good care of him till the ambulance arrived, you did everything perfectly!

  4. hey, can you tell luke digger dave from chch( i took him out for lunch in hanmer and me an him and chucky norris screwed duggys clubsport in blenheim) says hey and hope he gets better real soon. thru my invovement with fmx thru full throttle ive met fmx riders from all over the world, ive always said luke really is the nicest,modest,genuine,rockstar good cunt i met and it sux to hear of his stack.but hes hard has hell and will no doubt be back at it in no time. so yea if you could let him know me and duggy wish him the best. cheers