Saturday, January 17, 2009

And the bad news just keeps coming

We've barely been here a day when the brain speacialist doctor comes in to see Luke.

He sat us down and told us how lucky Luke is to be alive and how fast he is progressing towards rehabilitation.  He said he is aiming to have Luke released home in a month  or maybe two at the most; which as I understand it is pretty fast for a place like this.

He then went on to say his release was conditional on three things.  One: no alcohol.  Not a biggie, no drama there.  Two: he is not allowed behind the wheel of a car for at least 18mths.  That one was a little hard to swallow but still, can be dealt with.

Finally, he went on to say that because Luke has already suffered a brain injury before and each subsequent injury causes multiple times more damage to the brain than the last, and, that because the this injury is what they call a 'severe brain trauma' he cannot sustain another blow to the head as he wont come back from it at all.

We sat there in stunned silence and waited for it to sink in.  It still hasn't really.  As if he hasn't had enough to deal with this week, why would they put the stress of thinking about what he's going to when he gets out of here now?  Couldn't they wait for a more appropriate time?

It's so hard to know the right thing to say but Luke is so multi-talented and good at so many things I know he will make a success of anything he tries.  If he was going to retire at 30 anyway, what difference does a couple years make as long he's alive and not a vegetable for the rest of his life?

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