Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lukes Condition - Update

Hi all,

Katy here, Luke's girlfriend and the quiet half of Moto Mayhem. In case you're wondering why I'm writing this update instead of the main man himself, Luke is in intensive care at the hospital. On Saturday the 10th of January he was practising hard for all his upcoming shows at a friends new riding spot when the front brake on his bike locked. He crashed into the landing which threw him from the bike to the flat, landing on his head and shattering his helmet.

He was knocked unconscious and quickly rushed to the hospital where he, me and his family have been ever since; in a high dependency neurosurgery unit. He has no major injuries except to his head. He has what is called post traumatic amnesia which is a common thing for people who have severe head injuries. What it means is he is very tired and sleeps nearly all day and his memory is a bit confused. He gets headaches a lot but who wouldn't when you fall 6 stories onto your head?! He may not remember much but trust me the personality is still all there!!!

I know a lot of people are worried about him and I will keep the updates going with how he is progressing so you know how your boy is doing. It will be a slow road to recovery but I think they say that good things take time don't they? Thank-you so much for all your love and kind support, it really helps to get through the hard times knowing there are lots of people out there willing him to get better. It is really appreciated and I know Luke would be happy to know so many people care. Thank-you again. Talk soon, Katy.


  1. Get well soon buddy. All the best, Oscar

  2. Hi luke, kate, and crew! i have tried about 3 times to get this message to luke but my computer skills are not too hot as luke will know! Just a message to say that all his buddies in brighton are thinking of him, we know he will pull through stronger than ever, sounds like he has got a strong dedicated team behind him giving plenty of support! We all wish him strength and power to get through the rehab and look forward to seeing him back to his usual self soon. If there is anything we can do from brighton my email is Take care, jimmy, lloyd, warren, suv, jamie and all the other lads he knows from BRIGHTON