Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bloody Mondays...

So the weekend at home was like a holiday and Luke was lapping up some home-cooked dinners, sleeping in a proper bed instead of a hospital cot and being connected with technology again.  

Its like living in a bizarre time-warp at the rehabilitation centre; no cellphones, no laptops, no televisions, no radios all in the middle of no where!!!  The reason behind is its too much light and sound stimulation in the early stages of the brain tissue repairing (or something like that).  But being cut off from the world and all means of communication would drive anyone bonkers after a while!

His coordination and communcation is better and better every single day but as can be expected so early on, still gets dizzy spells and feels unsteady on his feet at times.  He explained to me that the best way to describe how he feels is like being permanently drunk; you're conscious and you know whats going on but you know you're not as quick as you would be if you were sober like everyone else in the room and walking in straight line isn't always a sure bet!

The doctors continue to be blown away by his amazing healing speed, and the next two weeks can't pass fast enough for either of us.  While the weekend was a treat, I have a feeling this week is going to be even harder for Luke to stick it out in rehab now that he's had a taste of freedom... 

Talk soon,

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  1. Katy and Luke
    Of course we been thinking and praying for your recovery for some time Luke but found this blog, and had to post something. Obviously been hearing the medical reports via Nurse Sandra, and glad to see this that you are making a good recovery. Katy be strong, show that Taurean spirit. Always in our thoughts...get better, Pete