Thursday, January 22, 2009

New House

Finally, after days of sleepless nights Luke has been moved from a small windowless, locked room, to a house where he has his own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge. You will all be glad to know, he is out of amnesia and into the 'Injury Recovery' period of rehabilitation. We all though that meant he was ready to return home but apparently not!!!

This morning we went to a 'Brain Interest' group meeting, which is like a class that teaches you about brain injuries; which parts of the brain are affected and what happens when they are injured. I had noticed in the last couple days that Luke sometimes talked about a couple of things at the same time, which sometimes came out not making too much sense. The psychologist explained that this is because after injury, the brain struggles to switch from one topic to another and get jumbled up in the process.

It was so helpful to be able to talk about it in a group as I wasn't even sure if anyone with brain injury was aware it happened to them but after the meeting I learnt it was really common and easy to solve.

Luke got 100% on his physiotherapy tests today and his physio said he didn't need to come to any more seesions as he is fit enough - no surprises there!

In the new house, I have been warned that one of the female residents has aggression issues towards females; (and especially will feel threatened by a girl like me, whatever that may mean) and I shouldn't take it personally if she yells at me or call me names! If she is abusive or aggressive towards me I should try not to retaliate (as if I would!!!) or, if she makes me feel physically threatened, I should remove myself from the situation and inform a staff member!

So visiting time just got a whole lot more exciting!!

Tomorrow we have the family meeting where hopefully they me Luke can go home....

Talk soon,

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